Venue & Hotel Negotiations

While selecting a venue might be the biggest decision you will make for your event, it will likely be the biggest line item expense in your event budget as well. We know how vital it is to engage the help of an experienced professional when negotiating with event venues and hotels.

How WorldTEK Events Will Help You in the Negotiation Process

WorldTEK will actively negotiate over 50 items/terms in a standard hotel or venue contract. Because we’ve negotiated thousands of contracts, we have the knowledge and expertise required to identify and manage these important negotiation points to realize substantial cost savings and benefits to your organization and event. Not only do we know what to look for but we know what to ask for. We are skilled at negotiating the best possible terms while eliminating or mitigating performance failures and financial risk to our clients.

We’d like to help you negotiate the best possible contract for your next event, including:

  • The best terms, cut off dates, room and rental rates for hotels, equipment and venues
  • Eliminating add-ons unless mutually agreed upon in advance
  • Eliminating and minimizing attrition penalties
  • Securing the best possible amenities available

WorldTEK is here to maximize your event potential, minimize risk to your company or organization, reduce cost, and plan for the highest quality service and maximum ROI.

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